Unifying LPWAN


and unlock true potential of the IoT. With IP over LPWAN, speed up development, reduce costs and deployments time of new IoT solutions.


LPWAN networks and run transparently all your IoT devices across any LPWAN technology.


end-to-end LPWAN communications and preserve security, integrity, and privacy.

Software for the next
7 billion devices

Acklio software
for Core Networks

Unlock true potential of the IoT and bring interoperability between sensors, networks and applications.

Run any application across any LPWAN technology bringing
full-IP connectivity over LPWAN and easy integration.

Deploy and manage your Secure Private Network based on LoRaWAN

Acklio software
for Devices

Develop innovative IoT products, connect
and manage your current or future devices
to a real and secure IoT world

Acklio is trusted by
market leaders

The integration of Internet Protocol over LPWAN ensures a real interoperability with existing operating systems and allows a simplified development for new and secure IoT applications


IETF 100

Join me and Acklio to make the world of billions LPWA devices a reality.

Sigfox IoT World Expo

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Objenious and Acklio

A world premiere test to internet protocol over LPWAN LoRa integration.

Acklio and SigFox

Pioneers Internet of Things interoperability to further accelerate mass market adoption

Acklio software raises the barriers to a
sustainable LPWAN IoT implementation

We provide LPWA networks interoperability, IP enablement, seamless integration, future-proof investment, end to end security, devices and systems compatibility, facilitated data management, device energy efficiency, innovative compression.

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